KADO™ flowers are proven to last longer and grow stronger when watered with care. Our full range of flowers include:


geraniums, petunias, and mandevilla.


geraniums, petunias, argyranthemums and calibrachoas.

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These bright and scented blooms are a breath of fresh air.
Best kept in the sunshine and not over-watered.


Another classic from the KADO range.
Wonderfully vibrant and ready to brighten up any urban space.


An expression of stunning simplicity, Begonias like partial shade more than direct sunlight.Their succulent stems enable them to store water during drier spells. 


These small and bright flowers are unique to the KADO collection with their instantly-recognisable jagged edged petals.


Bearing stunning pom-pom-like flowers, you can spot a Grandalia instantly.
These plants are resilient, so they won't damage easily in the rain.


The perfect flower for your balcony or terrace. In the spring and summer Mandevillas prefer to be outside and in the fall and winter, they’ll be happiest indoors.



Incredibly vibrant flowers – they’ll brighten up any urban space. When the flowers look dry simply pinch them off near the stem and new ones will soon blossom. Argyranthemums are happiest in the sunshine.



Come rain or shine, Calibrachoas will be overflowing with bright and alluring flowers. They’re at the their best when out in the sunshine and in well-drained soil.