Enhanced Soil

Growing plants is our passion and expertise. So we set our growing team a challenge: how can we improve the longevity and flower flourish of KADO™ plants?

The team created a special blended soil that cares for the plant’s specific nutritional needs. And not just during the early stages but all season long. So that the only thing left for you to do is add water when the soil feels dry.


Tried & tested

We have tested the performance of more than 20 varieties. We looked at how they were grown and how they performed in different soil types and pot sizes. We then assessed the speed of growth, strength, flower resilience and count for a season.

We believe the varieties in our Spring and Summer collection deliver our promise of Longer Lasting Flowers – when watered consistently.

We tested KADO flowers with 95 people living in urban areas (with little to no gardening experience) to see if they found KADO dark red geraniums easier to look after than plants grown in the conventional way.

After a 12-week period, results showed that 80% of participants considered KADO dark red geraniums lasted longer, grew faster and maintained a brighter colour. Furthermore, 84% of participants agreed that they were an easy and enjoyable plant to grow.

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